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Destroy Your Hard Drive Effectively With These Vital Dos and Dont’s

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When it comes to computer hard drive destruction, security plays a pivotal role. Simply erasing files from your computer is not a foolproof solution for data removal as those files can be still be retrieved by hackers. Physical destruction of hard drives makes way for a guaranteed solution for protecting your valuable data. The services ensure that your data is completely destroyed and is not vulnerable to misuse or theft. Services of local electronic waste recycling and hard drive destruction are the most reliable methods of ensuring that your electronics are handled in the best possible manner. Here’s a look at the essentials Dos and Don’ts of hard drive destruction that can help you in effectively dealing with your hard drives:


Partner with a trustworthy hard drive destruction professional

Selecting the right partner for hard drive destruction is pivotal. You need to choose the services of a company that has NAID certification and comprehends the appropriate procedures required for destroying the hard drive of computers. This implies that you will be required to do some research, consider references and ensure that the partner you select can be trusted with the destruction of your computer hard drives.

Ask for a certification when your hard drive is destroyed

Reliable services of local electronic recycling and hard drive destruction physically shred the hard drives, destroy them and render them useless. They record the serial number of the hard drives that they destroy and offer NAID certification of the destruction to the client. This way you will be able to prove that your hard drive was destroyed in accordance with the rules and regulations.

Store your hard drives in a secure facility

It is vital that you store your old hard drives for the purpose of legal data required retention schedules before the destruction in a secure facility. This will ensure that only people who are authorized will have access to them. Data storage companies that are experienced will have systems in place to make sure that your old hard drives are protected and cannot be accessed by others. They will keep a track of the serial number of hard drives so that you can keep track of the data that is stored before its date of destruction.


Store old hard drives on site at your company

When you store old hard drives in your office you stand at the risk of unauthorized individuals getting access to your drives. When somebody gains access to your hard drive, they can mine it for undeleted or deleted files, passwords and other information that is sensitive.

Attempt to destroy hard drives on your own

Individuals and companies that attempt to destroy their hard drives on their own can get disastrous results. The below mentioned things do not work when it comes to hard drive destruction:

  • Destroying the hard drive with the help of a hammer
  • Deleting files from the hard drive
  • Dumping the hard drive in a dumpster
  • Recycling of hard drive
  • Erasing the hard drive with the help of a program that does not meet DOD standards

Take a verbal proof that your hard drive is destroyed

All hard drive destruction services are not the same. Reliable services are the ones that offer you a detailed documentation of the process of destruction and permit you to witness the process. This is of significance as you might be required to prove that you complied with the regulations of the government concerning data destruction and maintenance. Do not simply take somebody’s word of your hard drive’s destruction. It is vital that you ask for a written documentation as the paper trail will safeguard you in case a problem arises down the line.

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